One of 18 tables built by Zionsville Rotary Club for local schools

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Zionsville Rotary Club members hard at work

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Zionsville Food Bank has become a local service project where we work and donate funds every year.

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One of 18 tables built by Zionsville Rotary Club for local schools

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Meetings of the Zionsville Rotary Club are virtual due to COVID-19.  Please see the calendar below for the meeting link.  We look forward to meeting you, at least virtually. 

Yours in Rotary service, 

Zionsville Rotary Club Board of Directors

Coming again 8/21/2020

Call for Service

Million Meal Movement:

Food pantries across the state are under great demand as our friends and neighbors suffer the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak and we have enough food in our warehouse at this time to create 150,000 meals.   In order to get this food packaged we are going to put on small (8-10 people) 1-hour packing events in a safe and controlled environment in our warehouse.  We are going to ask for volunteers from the community that are under the age of 60 and are healthy to sign up for one of the packing events along with a donation of $30 to cover the cost of food.

Please submit your intent to volunteer using the contact us section in the Visit Our Club heading.

Upcoming Meetings


Meetings are being conducted via Zoom.  We hope you will join us using the embedded links in the calendar events below.



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Rotary International is the oldest and largest of the international service clubs.  Its members are global and community minded men and women who believe in Service Above Self.  The Rotary Club of Zionsville just celebrated its 30th anniversary and is a nonreligious, nongovernmental, fellowship open to every race, culture and creed, and is one of over 35,000 clubs with 1.2 million Rotarian members in more than 165 countries.  The Zionsville club is proud of the impact it's had on the community and is always looking for new members and new projects to champion.  Our goal is to have a club whose members make the community we live in a better place while at the same time attaining personal and professional growth.